Avante Adjustable Mattresses

Avante Adjustable Mattresses

Our Avante Adjustable Mattresses are purpose-built for Avante Adjustable Electric Beds, these mattresses are also suitable for traditional bed frames.


Features common to the Adjustable Mattress Range include (depending on model):

  • Heat tempered pocket spring unit with Centre Zoning
  • Quality Solid Foams
  • Pure Pin Core Latex
  • Gel Infused Memory Foam
  • Quality Stretch Knit Fabric
  • Comfort layers are both flanged and glued into place

Splendor Luxury

3 Zones of firm support with generous contouring foams make this a supportive, comfortable mattress that is also suitable for adjustable beds.

Splendor Supreme

An incredibly comfortable supportive 5 zone spring unit utilizing Latex in the generous comfort layers, to give you a luxurious night’s sleep and is also suitable for adjustable beds.

Hi Lo Flex

The Hi Lo Flex Mattress is a premium pocket spring mattress designed exclusively for adjustable bases, with durable Latex comfort layers.

Cool Balance

The amazing memory foam molds to support and relieve pressure points on your body whilst the Gel infusion keeps you cool, for a perfect nights sleep.

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