Essential Living Range

Essential Living Range

The Essential Living Range is an entry-level adjustable bed range with solid powder-coated steel construction. The Essential Living Range is perfect for reading, positioning yourself to watch TV, work from your laptop or creating a sleeping position that promotes perfect rest position and healthy living.


Some of the features of these products include (depending on model):

  • Whisper quiet, low voltage, DC lift system provides smooth and efficient operation.
  • Superior Rustproof and powder-coated steel construction
  • Designs available for lifting up to 250kg
  • Heavy-duty German design actuators
  • Can suit any adjustable bed mattress
  • Wall align technology

Ultimate Flex

The Ultimate Flex is Avante’s entry-level adjustable electric bed. The Ultimate Flex features a wired hand control with individual head and foot adjustability.

Drop-in Base

The Drop-In base is specially designed to fit into your existing timber bed frame. With its adjustable leg, the drop-in base suits 90% of bed frames.

LeisureFlex 2

The Leisure Flex V2 is designed for those who seek basic adjustability with a few extra luxuries. Featuring a wireless hand control and USB charging ports the Leisure Flex V2 helps make life that little bit simpler.

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