Independent Living Range

Independent Living Range

The Independent Living Range makes everyday tasks a bit simpler.  Harnessing the same technology used in the vast majority of Avante Australia’s adjustable bed range,  the Independent Living Range can make getting into and out of bed a breeze.


Some of the features of these products include (depending on model):

  • Hi Lo Lift Function
  • Trendelenburg Positions
  • Optional Handrail Kits
  • Safety Sensors
  • Gravity Fall Safety Motors
  • Whisper quiet, low voltage, DC lift system provides smooth and efficient operation.
  • Superior Rust proof and powder coated steel construction
  • Designs available for lifting up to 250kg
  • Heavy duty German design actuators
  • Can suit any adjustable bed mattress
  • Wall align technology

Hi Lo Flex

The Hi-Lo Flex was Avante’s first adjustable bed which features a wired hand control that controls the individual head and foot adjustability as well as the Hi-Lo lift function. The Hi Lo Flex adjustable base is packaged with the Hi Lo Flex Mattress when purchased as an ensemble.

Lo Lo

The Lo Lo Adjustable Electric bed with Trendelenburg & reverse Trendelenburg positions offers excellent support for high care patient needs. The Trendelenburg position remains popular in the management of hypertensive (low blood pressure) patients. We recommend the Lo Lo Adjustable bed be used in conjunction with medical consultation/recommendation. The Lo Lo adjustable base is packaged with the Cool Balance Mattress when purchased as an ensemble.

SmartFlex 3

The Smartflex 3 adjustable electric bed features a wireless hand control, 3 stage intensity vibration massage function with timer and Hi-Lo functionality. The SmartFlex 3 adjustable base is packaged with an Avante Cool Balance Mattress when purchased as an ensemble.

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